Clamming on Sunday

This post will wrap up the week long recap of our weekend! Just in time for another weekend! One can only hope I won't bore you all week next week with drivel about our weekend! :-)

Sunday we headed back down to Ninilchik for another batch of clams. The girls' boots were still a little damp, so we rode the whole way with the heater on high and the boots under the vent at my feet. Scott and I nearly had heatstroke in the front seat, but our parental sacrifice paid off--the boots were mostly dry and WARM when they put them on, so we started off on the right foot...literally! We were also a little more careful about how we secured the rain pants--OUTSIDE the boot and SECURELY around the ankle. As a result of the pants/boots combo and our constant warnings to watch out for holes, all 4 little feet were still dry and mostly warm when we called it a day this time. For our next trip I'll add our latex-dipped gardening gloves to the mix. Cold hands were the major complaint.

We dug clams the clam gun broke, netting another 53 for a total of 105 for the weekend. After sandwiches and re-loading the car we headed home. The girls slept most of the way, waking up about 45 minutes before we hit the tunnel. They were clearly done riding at that point!

When we got home there was the cleaning...a monumental task that Scott took care of. With help!

Overall it was a very fun weekend for everyone! We had clam linguine for dinner on turned out so-so. Clam chowder is on the menu soon, and we'll have enough for one more meal...what will it be???


  1. The girls know what clamming is all about now & they will be good clammers in the future :-)


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