This Week's Recipe--Mocha Frappuccino

I *love* Starbucks!

Problem is...I'm 50 or so miles from the nearest one. And they're expensive. And I'm cheap. While watching TV the other day I saw a commercial for their Frappuccinos. I started to drool. I wanted one. BAD!! (I guess that advertising worked!) But the girls were asleep, and there's the whole 50 miles thing so I turned to my best friend, Google. Most of the recipes Google returned were for the blended frapp, but since the household blender I have doesn't like to blend ice, those recipes were destined to fail. I chose to try to replicate their bottled version instead.

Here's what I came up with!

The Recipe
I sort of took all the recipes I read and put them together, and then experimented and tweaked. It's still 'under construction' (tweaking the amount of sugar & chocolate), but Scott and I are happy with it at the moment!

3/4 cup strong coffee
1 cup milk
2 t sugar
2T chocolate syrup (I make my own using this recipe)

Mix it all together, chill, enjoy!

Of course, if you like your sweeter or not as sweet you can monkey around with the quantities. I was using 3T chocolate syrup, but that seemed like too much, so now we're trying 2T.

The Verdict
Well, I guess I already covered that! Scott and I like it...a lot! As for the caffeine needed! I need the caffeine to keep up with them as they are. If they started on caffeine, I'd really be in trouble!