This Weekend by the Numbers

I'll post all about our weekend soon, I promise! Here are a few numbers to pique your interest in the meantime!

nights the girls stayed up longer than Mommy--1
moose spotted alongside the road--3
moose calves spotted alongside the road--1
bald eagles sighted--more than 10
llamas on the side of the road--1! Nope, it wasn't in a fence!
bears seen--0
loads of laundry generated--3
trips out to dig clams--2
hours spent in the car--8+
hours girls spent napping in the car--4
trips across the Russian River on a ferry--1 over, 1 back
times a fish jumped *right in front* of Scott while he was untangling his line--1
sandwiches consumed by the Korbe family--17
drenched little girl socks--3 (2 Kelsey, 1 Stacy)
trips to McDonald's--1
clams dug by Andrea--1
clams dug by Scott--104
hours spent by Scott cleaning half of the clams--1.5 (we paid to have the other 1/2 done!)
pounds of sand brought home--???

We had fun!!


  1. Wow! Might take you a day or two to recover from that much excitement!


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