Our First Boat Ride

What a day Sunday was! The girls and I got to go on our first Alaskan boat ride. Fishie Grandpa (my dad) is in town, so it was his first boat ride in our great state as well. The girls have been anxiously awaiting a ride, so they really enjoyed themselves.

The purpose of the trip out was to release 150,000 or so Chinook salmon from the fish pen. They've been penned up for several weeks, imprinting here. Yesterday we were part of the release. The whole thing has been managed by a group of charter fisherman here in town and Scott has been volunteering his time to help them. Here he is, working to release the fish from the pen.

We were in the 'Eye of the Storm' piloted by Dave Goldstein, owner and captain of Prince William Sound Eco-Charters. It's also the same boat that Scott went on his charter trip on a few weeks ago.

After the fish were released, Dave was VERY kind and took us on a ride up to Blackstone Bay. Along the way we got to see a whale, some sea otters, and a few eagles as well as numerous waterfalls and glaciers. Words cannot describe the beauty! Pictures cannot do it justice, but here's one of my favorite landscapes from the trip.

Of course, the mom in me also appreciates shots like these!

When we returned to shore we spent a little time on the harbor, taking in the "Walk in Whittier" which had been put together by the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. The girls were exhausted from such a big day, but certainly enjoyed the entire experience!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends, too!