Happy Summer Solstice!

I've experienced 30 or so summer solstices in my life. Never before has it been a big deal, but this year after surviving my first winter in Alaska it's a *big* deal!

Officially our sunrise today was at 4:21am and our sunset will be at 11:35. Officially. Technically that's 19 hours and 14 minutes of daylight. Unofficially I can tell you that it doesn't get dark here anymore, and hasn't for several weeks. What we have between "sunset" and "sunrise" is bright twilight. It's like having the hour after sunset all night long. It's been an adjustment, but after awhile we're all pretty used to it. It's hard to go to bed, especially on sunny nights. But overall, we're pretty used to it--thanks to room-darkening shades for bedtime!

On the flip side, on December 21 the sun will officially rise at 10:05am and set at 3:41pm. Officially that will be 5 hours and 36 minutes of daylight. Actually it will rise a little later and set a little sooner, thanks to our location at the northern base of a mountain. We won't see direct sun between November and February.

But today, instead of thinking about the shortening days ahead, we're going to celebrate the daylight and sun we've been blessed with today! We're headed up to BBQ at the Salmon Run this afternoon with friends...as long as we've got it, we might as well take advantage of it!


  1. Hmmm-- 41 minus 5 equals 34--must be that New Math. :-)


  2. Yup! That's the math you do with a talkative 4 year old at your elbow! :-)


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