Fun Visit

WARNING: This is a L-O-N-G post, so grab a cup of coffee or a can of Pepsi before diving in!

Wow! What a busy and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend we had! Scott's sister (aka Auntie Shelly or Auntie Jelly) was here, so we made the most of it!

We all took the 7am tunnel to go pick Shelly up on Saturday morning. It was a sunny and wonderful day in Anchorage, so we stopped by the Anchorage Market and said hello to our friends at Glacier Fudge and Espresso (Steph and Josh). The girls bought themselves some ice cream and we adults had treats, too. We strolled the market and took it all in. We're at the beginning of our growing season here in Alaska, so there wasn't much in the way of fruits or veggies yet, but lots of neat handmade stuff.

From there we took a driving tour of downtown Anchorage and then headed out to everyone's favorite--McDonald's. We all ate and the kids played, napping on the way home.

Saturday afternoon we stopped by Portage Glacier. Apparently it's been doing lots of calving during our spring melt--there were lots of chunks of ice in the lake.

Then we toured Whittier (5 minutes), and then hung out at home for a bit before heading up to the Salmon Run for our first BBQ of 2010, complete with roasting marshmallows!

On Sunday we had coffee & hot chocolate at the Lazy Otter and the girls helped decorate the sidewalks of Whittier.
Sunday afternoon we headed out. We picnicked at the Wildlife Conservancy Center. The famed Alaskan mosquito showed up in droves (uninvited!) at our picnic, so we scarfed our lunch down and viewed the animals from the truck.

Once in Seward, we took the kids to their city park. What fun! They ran, climbed, jumped, slid, swung, and dug to their hearts' content. There was even a preschooler-sized set of monkey bars which is right up Kelsey's alley!

Monday morning we walked to the SeaLife Center across the street. There was plenty to see and do there. We were occupied with looking, watching, touching, and listening until lunch!

We headed back North after lunch--the kids and I napped on the way! Since it was a gorgeous day we headed to Girdwood to take Shelly up the tram. The view was very nice, and it was *much* warmer at the top than it was in April when we went with Scott's mom! Of course, the chair lift "swing" was a big hit with the girls again!

Tuesday we just hung out in Whittier. We were all pooped from our go-go-go weekend! Shelly and I did visit the Prince William Sound Museum which is an outstanding museum here in town. It's really a nicely done museum for such a tiny town.

After all that fun, we it was time to say good-bye to Aunt Shelly. I'm sure she must have slept well on the airplane--the girls kept her busy, that's for sure!