Fishing the Russian River

This past weekend, we took a little trip. We headed out Friday afternoon, with our final destination being a former cannery (now a place to stay) near Kenai. Along the way we stopped at the confluence of the Russian River and the Kenai River. What an experience! Think 'combat fishing'!

The area is managed by the US Forest Service, although it's run by a private contractor. You pay to park and then you pay to take the ferry across to fish. Once you're on the other side you see that you didn't have to pay for the ferry, you could have fished on the opposite bank, but you couldn't see that until crossing to the other side. No biggie, as the ferry was a high point for the girls. If it's a boat and we get to ride in it, it's a hit around our house!

Both shores are lined with fisherfolks about 4-5 feet apart. You cast and pull in, cast and pull in. More like fly fishing than 'cast and reel' fishing. From what I observed, getting tangled in your neighbor's gear is expected. The two of you untangle and then resume the cast and pull routine. If you're Scott, a big fish jumps right in front of you while you're untangling. Frustrating!

The girls and I picnicked, watched, and played with cones (not pine, not fir...what are they Dad?) while Scott fished. We left the river with tired smiles and and experience, but no fish.

As usual, more pics over on Fotki if you're interested!