Choices for Mom

On Monday I posted the layout my mom had chosen for her quilt. Then she asked if I had tried other layouts. Well I hadn't, but I sure did! I had thought about it on Sunday when I took the pictures, but the girls got up from nap before I got it done! It's fascinating to me how you can lay it out on the floor and it looks like mumbo-jumbo, but when you look at it through the viewfinder of your camera it looks totally different!

So here's the layout Mom originally requested:

Here are the layouts I tested, in no particular order:

So...what do you think, Mom? And everyone else?


  1. We like, if you count from the top to the bottom, #1 (original), #5, & #7. Thanks for taking the time to do that -- it just amazes me how very different the same blocks can look. Are the blocks coming home with Dad?

  2. Kari says: That's a beautiful quilt! I have only made 2 in my life. I should get back into making them. I have no supplies or patients at the moment though. Perhaps when the girls are a bit older! I like #1, and #3!


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