This Week's Recipe--BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

photo from courtesy Ree Drummond

Wow! If you know much about my food preferences you know that I don't. like. spicy. But in honor of Scott's birthday I thought I'd try to branch out and make something he'd like. And honestly, they sounded pretty good to me! C'mon...they're wrapped in bacon for goodness sakes!

I've been following the Pioneer Woman blog for a while now. I love her sense of humor! Recently she put out a cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks which I am too cheap to buy, but I have checked out from the library. It is within the pages of this lovely book (Worth it just to look at her photos! She took all of her own for the book. She's amazing!) that I found the goodness of the BBQ Jalapeno Poppers.

The Recipe
She has an older version of the recipe on her website here. The cookbook version is a bit different, and can be found here.

Andrea's Kitchen
I modified this recipe a tiny bit--I didn't have any green onions on hand and I made my favorite meatloaf topping instead of using the BBQ sauce that we have on hand(which I don't like!). I've typed it out below--Pioneer Woman's recipe is in black, my modifications are in green.

18 jalapeno peppers (I only had 12, so that's what I used!)
8 ounces cream cheese
1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese
1 green onion, sliced (didn't have it, so I omitted it)
18 slices of bacon, halved
bottled BBQ sauce (I don't like the bottle we're using now, so I used my favorite meatloaf sauce--1/3 c. ketchup, 1 T. mustard, 1 T. brown sugar)

Pioneer Woman illustrates her recipes with step by step photos, both online and in her book. I do not. I will however, summarize the steps. Refer to her website or cookbook if you need clarifications.

Halve the jalapenos and scoop out the seeds and membrane. If you're daring you can be less careful with this task. If you're not so daring like me, you'll do this very carefully and thoroughly so that not one seed is left. You'll want to wash your hands well after this and even better, consider wearing gloves.

Mix the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and green onions and spoon it into the jalapenos. Wrap them with half slices of bacon and use a toothpick to hold it all in place. Place them on racks on a baking sheet. Brush with BBQ sauce. Bake at 275 for an hour.

The Verdict
I liked these! A lot! They're pretty rich, so be wary of overindulging (Scott *may* have been guilty of this). The kids didn't go for them at all. Well I guess I shouldn't say that--Kelsey did like the cream cheese and bacon part!

We also shared some with George, our local jalapeno supplier. He grows them in his window on the 5th floor. George gave them rave reviews and said that he'd be stockpiling another batch so we could all enjoy them again!


  1. Spring for the cookbook- it is worth it! I will have to try the poppers sometime. You need to try the rosemary rolls on her website- basically frozen dough with salt/butter/rosemary on them. I won't admit to how many we eat but we almost always fight over the last one. You just need to find the person in your building growing rosemary in their window :)


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