A PERFECT Alaskan Day

It started out with the aforementioned morning on the harbor. At nap time Scott headed down to go fishing. He picked a spot along the trail that runs out to the tunnel. He came home shortly after the girls woke up, fish in hand. Now you've got to understand that Scott's been waiting and dreaming of fishing season all winter long. This was his first line in the water for 2010 and he brought home about a 12 pound silver. He was happy. The girls on the other hand, were ecstatic. If Scott's excitement about fishing season has been an 8 on a scale of 1-10, the girls' has been at 9. They've been really looking forward to fishing with dad. So when he walked in the door with a fish, they wanted to go fishing. NOW!!

Because the weather here is so often crappy, I have a hard time saying no to outside adventures on nice days. After Scott and the girls filleted the nap time salmon, they packed a picnic dinner and we were off to go fishing. We didn't catch any more fish, but we did get to people watch, bird watch, boat watch, and porcupine watch!

Back to the filleting for a minute though. You might be a redneck (or a teacher mom anyway!) if your hubby is filleting a fish on the kitchen table and you ask him to please stop and teach the kids about the anatomy of a fish before cutting it all up! The girls enjoyed their fish lesson--especially touching the fish's eyes. Kelsey continuously reminded us that the fish was dead, so it was food now and it couldn't feel any of the numerous pokes and jabs the kids were delivering.

So all in all, it was a perfect Alaskan day! Full of sun, smiles, fun and a fish!


  1. What a very very very special day for the Korbe's. :-)


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