Well, I *try* to post in the morning usually, but that just didn't work out today! Oh well...better late than never, right? :-)

I hope you all had Mother's Days as special as mine was. I went to Anchorage on Saturday and Scott helped the girls write a very sweet little book for me and they planned out a special day for me on Sunday. The girls chose the menus for all 3 meals as well as some activities. One of those activities was to take me to the beauty salon (thanks to the Fancy Nancy book for planting this idea!!). We're a tad short on beauty salons here in Whittier, so instead they styled my hair for me (pigtails) and painted my nails.

Aren't those some lovely feet?

Many thanks to my wonderful hubby for making my day so special! to think up a fantastic plan for Father's Day!


  1. You know I don't think that Fancy Nancy discriminates against males in her fancyness, so a trip to the "beauty salon" is equally appropriate for Scott too. Alas, comes out after Father's Day but I am sure they can improvise :)

  2. With those fancy feet of yours, aren't you regretting that it isn't sandal weather??

  3. Looks like mine when I polish them. Tell the girls not to worry. . . . the polish on your skin comes off in the shower in a couple of days. I always check the weather report when I polish. . . . I look for sandal time two days after I polish. ;-)


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