Happy Birthday, Scott!

If you know Scott, you know that he does not share my enthusiasm about birthdays. He doesn't mind making a big deal for the kids, but he would prefer that his pass unnoticed. Unfortunately for him, the girls share my birthday excitement so we can't gloss over it entirely.

Although his birthday is officially today, we celebrated it yesterday since he'll be at a committee meeting tonight,a city council meeting on Tuesday night, and fire meeting on Wednesday night. Yeah, it's a busy week! Back to the celebration--we started off by letting him sleep until 9:30. It was pretty nice of us, but it was also so that the girls and I could set things up! We painted rocks for paperweights ("U Rock"and "My Dad Rocks", then decorated with preschooler paintings), made birthday brownies, and decorated his chair at the table. Finally (when the paint on the rocks was dry!) I sent the girls in to wake him. They dragged him out the living room to open presents (before coffee!), including the still tacky paperweight rocks.

When planning his birthday dinner menu I had initially asked the girls for their input. Kelsey suggested "chicken on the bone" (her favorite) and Stacy suggested hot dogs (her favorite). When I reminded them that it was Daddy's birthday dinner and we should fix his favorite foods they suggested meat and celery. So for dinner we had steak, baked potatoes, and salad. I also made an appetizer--I'll tell you more about that on Friday, though!

Of course the day was capped by 36 candles on his birthday brownies and singing. The girls helped blow out the candles (although notice I did have the fire extinguisher at the ready!) and that concluded the birthday festivities!

Now...only 108 days until *MY* birthday! :-)


  1. Gdma Moo--Mom

    Glad you & the girls made Scott's day special :-)

  2. Who could NOT be excited with a celebration like that? Lucky Scott!

  3. So I bet you now need a new fire extinguisher!


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