Cleaning and Beautifying

Whew! It's been a busy two days around here!

Enough snow has finally melted that we held the annual Whittier Clean-Up kickoff yesterday. Headed up by the school and the city council, volunteers took to the streets to pick up bags (and bags and bags!) of trash from the streets and sidewalks yesterday, making Whittier prettier for the tourist season.

Today was beautification day. Finally my greenish thumb got to dig around in some dirt! We planted 44 planters to be distributed around town, and one for the front of the school. The school exterior has been undergoing some renovation (a new ADA entrance and a new roof) so the front will be re-landscaped next month. The girls had a blast digging and planting. I forgot my camera in the rush to get out the door (had to tear them away from Sesame Street!) but I'll try to get some pictures from someone who was taking shots. There should be some good ones...the girls had a blast playing in the loader bucket full of dirt that the city donated to the effort!

And now...well it's raining again! We're so thankful for the past few dry and nice days though--and what perfect timing!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful community project! So nice to band together for a common goal that ultimately benefits everyone.



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