150 Posts!! And Haircuts, Too!

Wow! I started this blog 10 months ago and here we are at 150 posts! That's a lot of my drivel you've been reading! :-)

the aftermath

Anyway...Wednesday while the girls were in the bathtub we were discussing tangles (a frequent topic of bath time conversation around here!) and I pointed out that shorter hair has fewer tangles. Stacy was very excited by this idea...combing her hair has always been one of her less-favorite tasks.

Let's back up a bit, though. The girls last had haircuts in September while we were staying with my folks during the move. Since then I've offered numerous times, but Kelsey had her heart set on having long, long hair like her friend Emily (age 8, hair down to her buns). Needless to say, all my offers were rejected. Until the above conversation. Then both girls wanted haircuts *right now*!! I put them off a bit, saying we could do it over the weekend. I wanted to give them time to change their minds. Yeah, right! First thing the next morning, they were both after me to cut their hair, so after breakfast we went for it. I really chopped it, not knowing when they'd let me do it again. I think it turned out pretty cute--a bit uneven, but still cute!

It really is more even that this picture makes it look--they're both looking up!

So far they love it! Neither of them has voiced any desires for it to be long again. The first half an hour after we did it they were glued to their mirror, admiring their new looks. Let the fighting over the mirror and bathroom begin!!


  1. In "Great's" words, "Nobody will notice on a gallopin' goose" if the haircuts aren't perfect!


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