Sisterly Love

Aren't these just sweet?!?!

This was the other morning just after I hopped off the treadmill and just after I turned on Sesame Street so I could jump in the shower. Minutes before the girls had been playing "kitty" so in these pictures Kelsey (kitty) is sitting on her owner's lap.

In other news, the sounds of "f" and "th" have made their way into Stacy's speaking. Goodbye "dis and dat" and hello "this and that"! She's also proud to announce that she'll be "three" on her birthday, which sounds somewhat better than being "free"!

Kelsey's vocabulary has expanded to include phrases such as, "Wait just a moment, please!" and Stacy loves to tell people, "Thank you! I really appreciate that!". Scott and I both are often struck by the depth of their conversations with each other. It's so fun to listen to them work out games and such!


  1. It's times like this that get you through the rough spots!!


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