The Making of a Quilt--Day 1

Well I did it! I finally got up the nerve to unroll my beautiful Moda jellyroll and start a quilt with it. It's been a busy 24 hours since I decided (at long last!) on a pattern and got going. Last night I unrolled and matched up my strips into pleasing trios.

This morning I tackled sewing the trios and pressing them.

Then chopping them up again.
Then sewing them back together into nine patch blocks.

I have completed 50 nine patch blocks, so by my calculations that leaves me 20 or so left to stitch. I can then put part of the quilt together. Then I have to wait for the rest of my fabric to arrive from Suzzette's Fabric in Italy. Texas that is! I'd love to tell you about the pattern I chose, but I'm going to keep it a secret for a little bit. I'm so excited about it that I dreamed about it last night, though!


  1. Looks like an interesting project! I'm anxious to see the finished product...


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