Girl's Nightgown from a T-Shirt

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted my to-do list? Well, we can now cross off #5

From the original list:

5. I've got to come up with a project that uses this stenciling method--it looks really neat!

I did it! Not only did I come up with my very own, wonderful, thrifty project, but I also tried out the freezer paper stenciling on it.

I made these nightgowns from some shirts of Scott's that he never wears. I traced a nightie we had to make a pattern, and then away I went!

The nighties from the front:

The nighties from the back:
And just for fun, here are my two clowns modeling their new duds! They were *very* excited to finally be able to wear them to bed tonight since they've been (not so patiently!) waiting for them for several days as I have made and then stenciled them.

These nighties were SUPER SIMPLE! Do you like??


  1. Why yes I do like them. Esp. with the clowns in them :)

  2. I second Gwen's opinion!!

  3. when you made these, did you make the neck hole smaller on the old t shirt? Actually, can you just tell me how you made these?


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