5 Things I Like About Snow

Just in case you hadn't heard, we still have snow. In fact, we're still getting snow! As I type this the white stuff has been falling since last night around 9pm. Last weekend we had a 2 1/2 day snow 'event' that yielded us about 18 inches of fresh snow. On top of our gazillion inches of old stuff! Up until about April 1 I was still smiling when it snowed. Now I'm groaning! It's officially spring for Pete's sake!!!

Anyway...since I've not yet figured out how to get rid of it all (although I am working on a plan to sell it all on EBay...) I'm thinking positively the good things about snow. In January I'm sure this list would have been longer, but here goes:

1. Even when it's cloudy outside, the light reflecting off the snow makes it nice and bright in #804. This was especially nice on those shorter winter days.

2. It nicely disguises some of Whittier's less than beautiful 'stuff'

3. In its various stages it provides me with some free entertainment watching people attempt to park in it, get out of their parking spots in it, plow it, relocate it, store it, etc.

4.I honestly do still love the way trees look with a fresh snowfall dusting their branches.

5. Snowshoeing. I'm still new to this, andI'm having a lot of fun!


  1. Keep up the positive thinking, Andrea!


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