UFOs in Whittier!!

There will always be some UFOs at our house (UnFinished Objects), but two of those projects got wrapped up this weekend!

Both of them are small quilts destined for Lullaby Quilts and ultimately babes at St. Vincent's NICU. Kelsey received a quilt during her stay there, and since then I've attempted to make one for them each year around her birthday. Except I've done a terrible job! The first year I was hugely pregnant and chasing a toddler, so the next year I made two for them. The next year I was working, so this year I again made two.

The first is one I (hiding face now!) started before either of the girls were born! I love its bright colors and it's the first and only project I've done with prairie points.

The second is one I started sometime after Stacy was born. Its made of scraps from another project I made for a friend's baby.

I also finished up piecing a wall hanging for my kitchen this weekend. I'm still hand sewing the binding, so stay tuned for pictures of it when it's finished!


  1. I like them both but my favorite is the 1st one. I love how the bright colors pop against the white and I always think prarie points are cool!

  2. Um, I have to laugh because I saw the pictures first on FB and I thought that first quilt looked very familiar... only to read your blog and find out that it was indeed the very quilt you showed us at Minne one day. They're both great - nice job on actually finishing them! (I have many, many unfinished objects at home).

  3. Nice work! If you run out of projects to finish up, let me know...I could ship a few your way!


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