What a gorgeous day! We survived the blizzards of Friday and Monday and came out with an absolutely wonderful day today. COLD, but beautiful. There are many, many pictures of our snow over on Fotki, check 'em out if you haven't already!

We've been very busy playing with our friend Porter this week. His mom's working this week, so he's been spending lots of time here at our place. It seems that a 4 year old, an almost 3 year old, and an 18 month old are the perfect recipe for exhaustion by the end of the day, both for them and for me!

I'll leave you with a few YouTube moments. The first is from our singing time at the Girdwood library last weekend. Scott loved the Alaskan verse for "She'll be comin' around the mountain" that went like this "And we'll all go halibut fishin' when she comes,"!

The second is of the girls jumping in the super-deep snow today!


  1. Thanks Andi for the nice video's. Very cute & the girls are having a good time :-)


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