Riding a Sno-Cat

What fun! This morning the girls and I took the 7am tunnel to Girdwood. We had signed up through the Four Valleys Community School to take a sno-cat ride at the Alyeska resort. I didn't tell the girls about the outing until they got up this morning--didn't want to have to explain the whole deal if the weather didn't cooperate. Not to worry, the weather was PERFECT! We had gorgeous views and the girls had a blast.

There are lots of pictures over on Fotki, including one that shows the route we followed. We got to go twice because we were there long before the other families showed up. The girls were very excited by the whole thing and after watching people go up the chairlift and seeing the ski rental shop they have been skiing around the living room on blocks all afternoon.

The stars must have been in perfect alignment for the day, because they let me stop several times to take pictures. I took advantage of the weather to take these two panoramic shots.

This one of Portage Lake (click on it to see it larger):

And this one at a viewpoint between here and Girdwood (click on it to see it larger):

I am still in awe each time I look at them!


  1. AWE AWE AWE That is just beautiful. :-)


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