My To-Do List

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Google Reader. It was the end of my life as I knew it! Since I started this blog, I've had a list of a few blogs on the sidebar that I read regularly...OK, daily! Anyway...I started following them in Google Reader because I can check them all in one place now. The bad news is that Google looks at what I like by looking at my subscriptions, and then suggests more blogs. Aaaaak! I've quickly gone from reading 4 or 5 bloggers to now at least double that. Most of them are sewing blogs, so now I am making a 'To-Do' list of all the cute ideas I want to make. Maybe putting it here in writing will help me actually do some! Or if you're the crafting sort maybe you'll make some...

1. Some sort of table playhouse. Kind of like this one or this one or any of these! I have a king sized purplish flat sheet I have in mind for this something girly/princessy perhaps?

2. An ABC book (or two...I have two intended recipients for this one!) sort of like this one.

3. I've got to try making some dolly PJs using this method!

4. And something for me...I love this little needle book!

5. I've got to come up with a project that uses this stenciling method--it looks really neat!

Of course, I have a few other things up my sleeve! I can't say any more without giving away my future gift ideas, though! :-)


  1. i am so definitely making a felt playhouse. maybe for next christmas. i can't wait.

  2. oh, also, freezer paper stenciling is so fun. we've made shirts pretty with it and also decorated the girls' trick-or-treat bags this year.

  3. I love those playhouses! My friend has one at her house, and her kids love it. I wish I was crafty enough to make one! :-)

  4. Pity you live way far away now- I bought freezer paper at costco when I couldn't find it anywhere else and it will take me years (decades) to use it up. Might have to give the stenciling a try!


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