Is there anything better?

Than being able to fix something when our children ask us to? As moms we do it all day long--we dress the doll, snap the child's pants, tape the puzzle box back together, etc. But once in awhile they come up with a request that tugs at the heartstrings. And once in a greater while we can actually fix it.

Today my girls approached me with a stuffed goose, 'Gooze'. Gooze was mine when I was a kid, made for me by my Aunt Ann. I remember packing him around and my mom tells me that she's restuffed him a time or two for me. Well, twenty-some years later, Gooze's neck was pretty floppy again. Kelsey announced that this made him sad, and asked me very sweetly if we could fix him up. Of course I grabbed the stuffing, a needle and thread and did my first goose-surgery.

Here's Gooze now:
Clearly he's quite huggable!


  1. Do you still have "his" bonnet, too?

  2. No bonnet...maybe I'll have to sew one!


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