Flexibility is key to a life with two preschoolers! We headed into Anchorage for a weekend getaway this past weekend. We had planned to take in some of the Fur Rendezvous but soon realized that thanks to arriving during the parade, traffic was a disaster. After driving over an hour to get into town the girls were none to keen on spending another 45 minutes plodding through downtown Anchorage traffic, so we decided to scrap Fur Rondy and head for Bouncin' Bears instead. I was a little disappointed in not getting to see the snow sculptures and dog sleds, but the girls didn't seem to mind at all! It's nearly impossible to get good pictures in a room filled with various inflatable bouncing toys, but Scott did get a pretty good video!

After Bouncin' Bears we had lunch and then headed over to the hotel for naps. Next up on the girls' agenda was the pool. We invited some friends of ours over for a splash in the pool, so we were 3 adults and 4 kids in the pool...needless to say, nobody took pictures! :-) After a dinner of pizza with Girl Scout cookies for dessert the girls crashed out.

Sunday morning we enjoyed the hotel's breakfast, then we did some shopping and more swimming. We worked *very hard* to keep the girls awake on the way home so they could get longer naps at home in bed.

We wrapped up our weekend with dinner back in Whittier with a group of our friends. Overall it was a fun and very busy weekend!