Catchin' Up

Sorry--I know the "catch up" and "ketchup" thing is an oldie, but I just couldn't help myself! We've been having some trouble with our internet lately. Seems to be working better now (yes, I'm knocking on wood as I type!).

Grandma Moo is visiting this week, so we've been busy! The girls have kept her involved in a steady stream of games including babies, dollhouse, blocks, and cooking. They've also made some really cute craft foam bunnies and are working on Easter cards.

Grandma and I have tackled these neat-o coffee filter roses from Martha Stewart and Mommy Makes Roses. We've learned a few things along the way--I'm painting some of them and then maybe I'll put up pictures of some of them...takes a little practice to get them looking real good.

We're hoping to head into Anchorage later this afternoon and play around a little bit. The girls *really* want to show Grandma around Bouncin' Bears!