This Week's Recipe--Chicken Fried Steak and Southern Biscuits

The Recipe

Scott and I have been watching Alton Brown on his show 'Good Eats' the Food Network lately. In our pre-cable days we loved to watch America's Test Kitchen on PBS, but we're finding Alton Brown fills that niche nicely! We've been trying lots of his recipes...and loving most of them! Recently we tried his Chicken Fried Steak and his Southern Biscuits.

To save space, I won't put both recipes here--you can get them from the links above.

Andrea's Kitchen
Scott made the chicken fried steak. He subbed spices for what we had on hand...I'm not sure exactly what he used, but I know we don't have thyme. I followed the biscuits recipe.

The Verdict
Yummity, yum-yummy! By far the best chicken fried steak I've ever eaten and the gravy was darn good, too! It seemed like the sitting for 15 mins before frying made it really crispy. The biscuits were awesome, too. I was happy with the biscuit recipe I was using, but I think it just got replaced! The girls loved it too, although they used ketchup instead of the gravy! :-)


  1. We love watching that show too! We will have to try out his recipes. We have done a few, but we should do more! Thanks for the ideas!



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