Playing in the Snow

It's been snowing here for about 30 hours straight and we're under a blizzard warning until sometime tomorrow. About 2 feet so far, so the girls and I had to go out this afternoon and check it out! We enjoyed sledding--oddly enough we haven't been able to do this much this winter, but it was perfect today! There's a nice pile of snow on the west end of the building and burms around it to keep them out of the street--the ideal set up for two little girls! There are pictures up on Fotki, too--enjoy!


  1. Looks like way toooooo much fun. Tis special getting to sled all by yourself. They are sooo excited & happy. Tnx mom for sharing. Love seeing all of you enjoying :-)

  2. Those are great.. Looks like alot of fun.. Mommy, I will push you on the sled if you'll push me.. Thanks for sharing.


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