Market Skirts

While browsing around for a simple project for Stacy to make for Kelsey's birthday (which I found, details here) I came across this tutorial by Dana over at MADE for skirts she calls 'Market Skirts'. I loved the skirts she featured in her photo for their bright colors, but didn't have much in the fabric stash that screamed skirt, but when I came across these two fabrics I liked the combo. The white is from Grandma Paul's fabrics and the black and white I bought for a quilt but never used it. It also made an appearance on the puppet theater I made for the girls for Christmas.

Anyway, I digress! They turned out pretty cute, I think! They were quick--the pockets took the most time. If you look closely you can see that I made buttonholes, but there are no buttons. I have some cute little buttons I was going to use, but I have 4 buttons and 8 buttonholes, so the math doesn't quite come out! Ah well--we'll be in town this weekend if I decide buttons are needed.


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