Growing Up

Let's see if I can get this up today! I am trying to post M-W-F and once on the weekend, but life caught up with me yesterday and I didn't quite get everything on the "to do" list finished.

Last week I posted about the excellent day the girls had--playing together all day, hardly fighting. It was marvelous and I remember it well! But here's the was followed by another, and another, and another! Of course there are the occasional squabbles, but we've seen a big jump in maturity this month. It seems that Stacy's ability to 'play pretend' has reached a point that she and Kelsey are able to pretend together and understand each other. They've developed a number little games they like to play. They like to 'play baby' which involves one of them pretending to be a baby and one of them pretending to be the mom. They also like to 'play store' where Kelsey is the shopkeeper and Stacy and I are customers. She's got some business sense to pick up, though. She's a very generous merchant, always giving away at least as much merchandise as we've paid for!

So I guess it's true--they're growing up! And while I miss my baby girls, it's so much fun to watch them grow and learn!


  1. Every age has its joys (and sometimes, trials!)


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