Birthday/Easter Dresses Part One

Every year I make my girls birthday dresses that double as Easter dresses. Since their birthdays are so close to Easter I make them one dress apiece and it does "double duty". I have fond memories of the Easter dresses my mom used to make my sister and I. It was a big deal to me and continues to be a big deal for me as a mom myself now.

I tend to go for more traditional dresses, so this year we have a dress and pinafore combo. The pictured dress is Stacy's. Because Kelsey's needed a bit of altering done to the pattern, I finished Stacy's first, so I could try Stacy's "from the pattern" pinafore on Kelsey's altered dress to see how much length I needed to add to Kelsey's.

Anyway...Kelsey's dress is soon to follow!


  1. The girls will look very cute in their new dresses. You did a good job :-)

  2. Very nice! Of course, being partial to daisies, I really like the fabric!!


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