Birthday Sneak Peek

Today is birthday party day at our house. We've invited two families over for dinner and cake. Oh yeah, and ice cream, too!

Kelsey is beyond excited, thanks in part to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse getting her going first thing this morning by running the episode featuring Minnie's surprise birthday party.

It's not dinner time yet, but here are a few sneak peeks for you, faithful reader. Just don't tell Kelsey, OK?? :-)

First, the cake...And here's the purse that Stacy made for her. We followed this tutorial from Leigh Ann over at the Object Project.

And finally, what's a birthday without a crown? I used this pattern from Jessica over at Juicy Bits and sort of followed her tutorial. I didn't have the wool felt she used, but I had plenty of other scraps!

Now...let's party!!


  1. Kelsey I know will be (is) so excited about her HB. She will be extatic with all of her HB party & presents. Andi thanks for making Kelsey's HB a special one.


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