Birthday Excitement

Kelsey's birthday excitement is building! Her birthday is on Monday, but we're having her birthday dinner on Saturday, so she's got two countdowns going. We've invited two other families to celebrate with us. Kelsey's picked the main dish; "chicken on the bone" as the girls call it. The rest of us know it by its more traditional name, oven-fried chicken.

On our last trip to town she picked out Mickey Mouse plates and napkins, so I'm going to make her a Mickey Mouse cake. She hasn't decided if it will be chocolate or yellow just yet.

Stacy's pretty excited too. She and I made a purse for Kelsey, following this tutorial over at the Object Project. Super cute!

This morning Kelsey asked me if I would please wrap her presents so she could think about unwrapping them. I thought it was pretty cute, and I just may wrap something up for her after the girls are in bed tonight!


  1. "HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY" KELSEY Beeee sure and take lots of pictures to share w/us. Purse is cute & esp since Stacy help make it.


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