BIG Day in Whittier

Do you see it? Look closely at the picture. Now do you see it? Yes--you're right! Those are shadows and that's DIRECT SUN shining on Whittier!

If you haven't been reading the blog long, let me catch you up. As a result of Whittier's location nestled on the north side of the mountains we have not had direct sun in town since November! We have been blessed with lots of sun reflecting off the mountains across the way, though.

Welcome back, Mr. Sun! We've missed seeing you! We look forward to you bathing our entire town in your warm rays soon!


  1. Tis so nice to see the sun shinning. Now it will be spring:-) Very pretty to see the sun:-)

  2. LOL- and I never thought someone could make me feel good about the amount of "sunlight" here in the PNW.


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