10 Things I Love About Visiting Home

Now that we've been back in Alaska a while since our Christmas trip down south, I was thinking back to our visit and thinking about some things I really enjoyed about our visit. So here it goes!
  1. Catching up with family and friends
  2. Watching the girls reunite with Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, and Uncles
  3. Visiting our old pets--I'm so grateful for family who took them in! Even though it's tough to see them and have them not be "ours" it's wonderful to be able to visit them.
  4. A break from being the head meal planner and chef
  5. Doing laundry without rides in the elevator and trips up and down the stairs
  6. The quiet at night--between the railroad and the barges it's never quiet in Whittier at night!
  7. Darkness at night--it sounds funny I know--Alaska's got a reputation for being dark all winter, but if you've ever checked out the 14th floor webcam after "dark" you'll see what I mean! Those *bright* lights shine right into our bedroom!
  8. Shopping without rushing to catch the tunnel, hours in the car, and dragging the girls all over town in just a few short hours.
  9. Being away from home for a few weeks makes all the toys at home really fun again when we get back!
  10. The closer proximity to child care and stores means I get to run a few errands on my own--getting my hair cut, browsing the fabric store, etc.


  1. What I liked about your visit:
    1. Trying to keep up with two small girls
    2. Seeing the delight & "Hi, Grandma!" on two small faces
    3. Watching the pets readjust to two small people
    4. Getting to cook for more than two big people
    5. Getting to fold SMALL clothes in the laundry
    6. Hearing small feet pattering across the floor at night
    7. Needing to turn out the light so two small people can sleep
    8. Shopping with two small people & hearing "Grandma! Look at this!"
    9. Watching two small girls play with the toys their mom & auntie played with
    10. Being able to give the mom of two small girls a well-deserved break - or two!

  2. Thank you for such a great comment! It was a fun couple of weeks, all the way around!


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