Why I Love Whittier

People always ask me if we're liking life here in Whittier. Without hesitation my answer is always yes. Of course there are things I miss about Washington--being away from our family is the biggest drawback hands-down. The following list however, highlights the things I love about Whittier, AK.

  1. Family time--Our family has never spent so much time together! The girls get to see Scott morning, noon, and night. He's a part of their lives in a way that he never was able to be when he was working 60+ hours per week and commuting. I also enjoy more time with my hubby!
  2. Being able to stay home with the girls--it's always been a priority for me and I am blessed to be able to live my dream again.
  3. My friends here--I have made some GREAT friends since moving here! It's a very small community, so having a group of like-minded gals to hang out with from time to time is really fun. It's also nice to have someone to trade kiddo care with.
  4. Scenery--seriously! Have you seen the pictures?? I grew up in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and the beauty there literally brings me to tears, but Alaska is beautiful on a much larger scale. It's like looking out my window at a landscape calendar--every day!
  5. Living in town--it's fun to be able to walk every where in town. Heck--Whittier is small enough that even my 2 year old can walk everywhere! My kids now ride in the car so infrequently that it's a treat!
  6. A smaller living space--although it's been a big adjustment, there are some really great things about a smaller space. Mainly the limits of toys--we have just the right number that we can clean them all up in a reasonable amount of time. It was also freeing to go through and get rid of so much stuff when we moved.
  7. Snow--I'm not tired of it yet!
  8. Salmon Spread at the Lazy Otter--I'm now addicted to this delicious combination of smoked salmon, green onions and cream cheese on my bagels. I'll never be the same!


  1. No, no, no! Such lists are supposed to 10 (ten) items long! Ten Best Things... :-)

  2. Of course! There I go trying to be original again! :-)

  3. I'm beginning to think you aren't gonna come home! j/k

  4. Andrea,
    I love reading your blog just the way it is. I don't look at it every day but I do check if fairly often. You're doing a great job! I especially liked your comments about what you like about living in AK. You always seem to find the positive side of things. Bless you and your family. Aunt Elaine


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