Top 3 Imaginative Moments of the Week So Far

I love imagination! I also love that the girls are both old enough to play pretend together. For a long time they've liked playing with dolls, dress up, and various toys while pretending, but now they're able to take imagination to a whole new level. With that in mind, here are the my "Top 3" moments of the week so far.

1. First, a little background. Whittier Community School has an 'artist in residence' this week. It's Stephen from the nationally acclaimed Alaskan group Pumyah. We've been going over to school for the half hour each day that he works with the preschool. He's Yupik, and has been singing for the kids and teaching them the relationship between story, song, and dance. We've learned some dances and heard amazing songs in Yupik. On Monday the story was about a seal hunt he'd been on and the song and accompanying dance that goes with it. (Note: The story would make school administrators in the Lower 48 run screaming into their offices as guns played a major role in the seal hunt. Today's story was a squirrel hunt...more guns!) The girls were so impressed by the experience that later that evening in the bath they created a game where they used their bath visors as lifejackets and took turns being in the front of the boat and cute!

2. While I was checking email yesterday morning the girls were playing in their bedroom. Next thing I hear is "I want a watte. A weal big one, pwease!". Apparently Kelsey had set up a coffee shop of sorts on the top bunk and Stacy was her willing (and knowledgeable!) customer.

3. Last night while I was cooking dinner there was lots of talk in the living room between the girls on the subject of camping. They soon hatched plans to take their babies camping in Farewell Bend and thanks to our recent trip home Kelsey told Stacy they'd need to "Fly to Seattle and then drive a long, long way!". This naturally led into a game of airport where their play kitchen became the baggage check station and the recliner became airport security. They both carefully selected footwear that could be put into an empty dishpan and put through the "thingie" on the seat of the recliner while they walked barefoot between the back of the recliner and the wall through their imaginary metal detector. Brilliant!

Hope at least one of those scenes brought you a smile!


  1. i wish the real airport security was a recliner.

  2. Mom says...

    Such fun! Reminds me of some other little girls I knew about 30 years ago...


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