Projects of Late

Like any other crafter, my list of future projects is long. Right now I have *most* of the materials to make a wallhanging for my kitchen and stick ponies for the girls. Since we've been home, I have managed to turn out a few things, though!

1. The Doorway Puppet Theatre

If I was making it again, I'd do it a little differently but I still think it's pretty cute and the girls love it.

2. The Retro Apron Birthday Gift

I love aprons, and I fell in love with the book Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates. I am already plotting the acquisition of more of her books! I don't have a picture of the one I made, but it was cute! I wrapped it and delivered it immediately, since I waited until the absolute last minute to make it!

3. The Puzzle Bag

I came up with this idea before Christmas, but we ran out of iron on transfer paper so I couldn't do it until we got back. I did these last weekend and the girls love them. I don't have to tape the cardboard puzzle boxes back together any more!!


  1. Grandma moo: wished you would of taken a picture of the apron. How about taking her picture w/apron:-)
    The puzzle bag is really a good clever idea.
    Will defentely keep all the pieces together :-)

  2. love the puzzle bags. I think i'll have to do these, to prevent me from getting frustrated and chucking the whole thing in the recycle bin.


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