Every Girl for Herself!

It used to be common for Scott and I to "divide and conquer" the girls on weekends. He'd take one and I'd take the other and we'd go and do what we needed to do. Since we've moved however, we haven't done it much. We both feel like it's good for them to have some one on one time as well as the time apart from each other.

With that in mind, Scott and Kelsey headed out to Anchorage this morning. Of course there was some drama surrounding the whole thing, but in the end everyone separated happy. Kelsey and Scott had errands to run, friends to visit, and a hot lunch date at McDonald's. Stacy and I headed down to the Lazy Otter for snacks and coffee and hot chocolate.

Now Kelsey's home again (Scott's plowing snow) and the girls are playing with their babies. They're playing "beach". Apparently at the beach you have your baby in a stroller, then give her a piggy back ride, then have a race, get stung by a bumblebee and then repeat that sequence of events another two or three times!

I was just informed by Kelsey that I am her baby's grandma. Sheesh...I wasn't expecting that for a while!


  1. One on one time is special for all. Being apart for a few hours is good as well for all. Then we are all happy when we see one another again
    Grandma moo says: "glad everyone had a good day"


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