Beep, Beep, Beep!

Presently I am being serenaded by the back-up beepers of the City's loader outside my window as the morning's snow removal efforts are underway. Before moving to Alaska I was only familiar with "plowing snow". Now I also understand and can differentiate "plowing snow" from "snow removal" and "snow storage". Today our building staff is plowing the parking strip in front of the building again so if we should need to get in the car, it won't be such a dicey trek. No big deal for me, but it was challenging for the girls on Sunday!

It's turning out to be a gorgeous day in Whittier! Clear, cool, a fresh blanket of snow from last night and sunny across the way...postcard material!


  1. I imagine that the "snow removal" that accompanies the beeping is significantly quieter than the activities that accompany the backup beeper on a garbage truck in an apartment complex - the only backup beepers I've been seranaded with!

  2. North Idaho, they only plow snow going forward - at 60 mph!!

  3. It's because the streets are wide and they don't just plow them, I guess. They really push all of the snow to the end of the street and pile it up in a storage area. So it's down the street pushing snow, and back up the street beeping.

    And then there's the snow shifting! If this snow storage area over here gets full then a bigger piece of equipment comes in to move the snow from short-term storage (eg-the parking lot at the end of the building) to the long-term storage area...more beeping, of course!

  4. One of the winters I was in CdA, they ran out of room in their "snow storage areas" and started using dump trucks to haul it out and dump it in the lake... At the downtown intersections it was piled so high that you could barely see side traffic (if they were sporting those big dune-buggy flags sticking up--otherwise not...)


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