Andrea's Alaskan Dictionary

Since moving here I've become familiar with a number of terms that are Alaska-specific. I'll add to this post as I learn or remember more!

  • XtraTuf--(aka Alaskan tennis shoes) rubber boots that are warm, durable, and comfortable. Scott has some and loves them, the kids and I are planning to acquire some before spring break up!
  • snow removal--not just the plowing of snow, but moving that plowed snow to a 'snow storage' area
  • snow storage--various vacant lots/areas that are used to store snow removed during 'snow removal'
  • snow shuffling--(I invented this phrase!)the moving of snow from one smaller short-term 'snow storage' area to a larger long-term 'snow storage' area


  1. Gdma MOO: alot to learn about "SNOW" & what is done w/"SNOW" :-)

  2. Cindy says:

    Snow Way!


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