And We're Home!

We made it! It was a long day of traveling, but we're all glad to be back together in one place.

We arrived early at Sea-Tac, so after bidding Moo Grandpa goodbye we trekked through security and visited the airport play area. What fun! The girls played for at least an hour before it got so crowded that Mommy called it quits. From there we meanadered to what we thought was our gate. We got to ride two trains on the way to our gate (yup, we were WAY out there!!) and that was a big hit with the girls. One hiccup arose when I realized the wrong gate was printed on our boarding passes...we were in the last dozen or people to board the plane! People seemed to forgive us, though--I am sure it had to do with how cute the girls are in their PJs! On our way south we hadn't flown in our PJs, but another family was and Kelsey and Stacy both thought it was an excellent idea. Unfortunately, all of our PJs were in our checked baggage. I didn't think about it again until we got to Sea-Tac and immediately Kelsey remembered--so there they were, flying at 6pm in jammies! It did make bedtime at the hotel easier, though.

Now were home, and all of the old toys are new again and the new toys are fun, too! The girls didn't take long to cover the floor with fun!!