This Weekend

Hello, friends!  Here it is Monday night and I'm finally sitting down to tell you about our weekend.  Busy day.  Going to be a bit of a busy week as well!

Saturday we spent most of the day at home.  In the morning the girls did a bit of painting..

We cut up a cardboard box to paint on.  Why didn't I think of that 4 years ago??  They were happily entertained for a good while!

Stacy's painting

Kelsey's paintings

In the afternoon the girls and I headed to Girdwood.  We visited the library and then met up with friends at the Alyeska resort daylodge for Oktoberfest.  The kiddos danced and danced...a great way to burn off some steam on a drizzly Saturday!

On Sunday, Scott fired up the smoker and we smoked some pork and chicken which we then shared with friends for dinner on Sunday night.  A great gathering!  Some kind friends picked up a new member of our family for us, so we also spent some time on Sunday assembling this pretty lady...

image source

She's HUGE!  Significantly larger than her predecessor...

image source
But old faithful has been dying a slow death since last spring, so it was time.  Here's Scott in the middle of assembly...

Just for the sake of size reference, here's the box the thing came in...

I ran on it this morning and I have to say...I really like it!  So much quieter, smoother, and softer than the old one.  Welcome to the family!

That was our weekend, but I have to share just a few more pictures with you because I went to town today and the skies were so pretty on my way in.  Luckily I had plenty of time to pull over and take some pictures.  Unluckily I forgot to grab my big camera (I was rushing to pick up a check to take to the bank.  But then the bank was closed today.  Fail.) so you'll have to settle for these phone pics...

Happy Monday!