Wednesday, September 10

Take Your Kids to Work!

Last weekend was the last weekend of the Anchorage Market and Festival where I work during the summer.  Some friends of ours run a business selling coffee, fudge, and ice cream and I work for them.  Last year we started the tradition that the girls could come with me on the last day.  This year was bright and sunny and they had a great time.  Stacy ran the cash register for a good four hours.  That girl loves math, so the register is right up her alley.  All three kids started a little sidwalk chalk business.  They did this art in the empty space next to our booth...

Then the folks next door to us asked them to some advertising art for them. They sell smoked fish.  I didn't get a picture of that art, though.  Next they went down to a booth farther down that sells pottery...

...and then on to the popcorn booth!

People at market are like a bit family, so it was so sweet to see other vendors be so kind to the kids.  They paid them for their work and bartered with them for their goods.  So fun to watch!

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