Wednesday, August 27


I spent a few days in Homer last week with teachers in our district at their annual back to school inservice.  I know I have gone on and on about how awesome teachers in our district are, but this inservice is just one more example.  They give up a week of their summer to go...they don't even gt paid!  Awesome dedication that is greatly appreciated!

I left on Sunday afternoon and saw this baby moose on my way down...his mama must be close by!

We saw some beautiful sunsets...

Enjoyed some time in the sun on the beach...

The focus of inservice was bringing the maker movement into classrooms.  So fun and so many learning opportunities.  We did lots of hands-on learning.  Here's my little bot-family...

They all move in various ways.  So fun to create!  We also got to make a submersible bot to play with.  We didn't get to bring that one home, but holy cow...what fun!

It had an underwater camera on it, too.  I am so excited to see how teachers implement this in classrooms around the district!  So many amazing opportunities for kids!

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