Monday, June 2


Seems like it's been a long time since I've posted any craftiness here!  I've made several things for gifts and what-not that I've sent off without photographing, but here are a couple of projects I did last week.  First up is a nightgown.  I actually made two of these, but one of them was in the dirty clothes when I went to take these pictures.  I bought the pillowcases last summer with plans on making nightgowns like this tutorial, but my try at that method didn't go so well so the unfinished project sat around for almost a year until I saw this tutorial and picked it up again.  I am glad I did, because they turned out soooo cute!

Though I do love embroidery, I did not do this particular work. My mom and I have long lamented the piles of lovingly embroidered goods at estate sales for years.  I set out to rescue some of that work and give it a second life, so I bought this pair of embroidered 'pillowslips' (to quote my grandma!) at an estate sale.  It makes me so sad to see someone's hard work without a home.

The other project is the recovering of my desk chair.  It's been on my "want to do" list for awhile, especially after I dropped my hot iron on it and melted the upholstery.  I chose this print from the home decorating area at JoAnn's and I admit, I am super happy with how it turned out!  Of course since it involved tools, my junior engineer showed up to lend her assistance...


And after...

Like I said, I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I need to Scotchguard it now...all that white, what was I thinking?!

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