Monday, February 17


Well...what a weekend!  Saturday was a great day.  We made some cookies to take to church...

Because there was a painting party at the church...

Our church meets in a community room in the basement.  YEARS ago it was painted a charming variety of colors.  We painted it a much more neutral taupe.

Sunday on the other hand, was not so awesome.  More tummy bug fun.  We spent most of the day like this...

The good news is that it was a quick bug...seriously though.  I don't know how people with more kids do it!  How do you deal with one sick kid after another?  You know you get sick there in the midst of it all...I always do, anyway.  So to any mama reading this...hats off to you.  To mamas with more than two kids, hats off, high five, and a fist bump. You're amazing!! 

I'll leave you with this song because it is good and because it has been stuck in my head for days!!

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