Monday, November 11

Catching Up

Hi there!  I'm back from my conference (which was excellent!) and camped out on my couch.  I fought a nasty cold the whole time and I was in town and then it followed me home.  Ugh.  I know I am sick when Scott tells me that looking at me makes him feel bad for me and that I should go to bed.  I did, at 8:30 and then napped a couple of times today.  Here's hoping that some extra rest helps me kick this yuckiness!

Way back on Thursday, the girls and I went to town for an early morning meeting, then we went to the Anchorage Museum.  It's been awhile since we have been there (this was our first time...oh my those little girls were cute!) so I figured it was a good "fun" thing to do on a no school day.  The girls agreed, so we were off.  This time around they were old enough to explore the whole museum.  We started in the art gallery...

Kelsey was really into the art.  Stacy...not so much.

Both girls had a blast in the Imaginarium...

Then we went upstairs to the historical part of the museum...

By this point the girls were pooped, so we piled back into the car and headed for home.  Stacy was crashed out before we even hit midtown!

It is fun to visit these sorts of places that they grow with us.  It was fun three years ago when we only played in the Imaginarium and it was fun last week when we could explore more deeply.  And it doesn't hurt that mama loves museums!!

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