Monday, July 1



We had a lovely Saturday over here in 804!  Scott went fishing, so he automatically had fun.  There is no place my guy would rather be than on the water!  While he angled for halibut, the girls and I had some fun hanging out at home.

There were some sister mani-pedis...

There was some wood art...they insist on calling it 'wood carving'.  A project they started with Daddy while mama was working a few weeks ago...

There was a birthday party by the water...

And there was playing with Daddy's fish!

As we stood on the dock watching them unload the catch of the day and waiting for Scott to start filleting ours, the girls poked the eyes of all the fish.  The other folks on the charter were impressed with how hands-on the girls were with the fish.  I told them about this moment from dipnetting last year...

Yes.  That's my daughter.  With a pile of salmon heads and pair of scissors, poking the eyes.  My other daughter was using the salmon heads as puppets.  We are not afraid to touch slimy stuff over here!!

Anyway...Sunday our beautiful weather gave way to drizzle and found all four of us at home, relaxing.  It was great!  Daddy slept in, the kids lounged in jammies way longer than is socially acceptable, and we camped out on the couch for a family movie with a huge bowl of popcorn for the afternoon.  Lovely!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

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