Tuesday, June 11

Golden Sunshine

Ahhhh.  Sun!  I had a total Alaskan moment on Sunday in Anchorage.  I finished up my day of making coffee, Italian sodas, and such, and scooping ice cream and climbed into my car to head home.  Immediately I realized I have not parked a car in a warm area in a very long time.  The temp in Anchorage on Sunday was in the mid 70s...that's HOT here, folks!  I had left all of the windows up, turning my car into a mini-sauna.  I climbed in, fired it up, and then sat there for at least a full minute, trying to figure out how to turn on my AC!!  I pushed the little button and nothing happened and I couldn't quite figure out why.  Then I remembered that you have to have the fan turned on.  Hello, Alaskan girl!! 

Yesterday Scott and I had early morning dentist appointments.  We got home in the late morning and the kids and I spent most of our day outside.  So lovely!  Our school playground is scheduled for demolition and a covered area and a new play structure this summer.  It will be so lovely when it is finished, but we are going to miss it this summer!  They haven't started construction yet though, so we got some playing in yesterday.  Since the snow is still melting off the back portion, the water table is fairly high and the kids dug a big hole in the pea gravel and hit water about an inch down.  They played and played and my mud and mess girl looked like this when I finally made them come inside...

It was everywhere, including her hair!  After showers, Scott picked us up and we headed out to the head of the bay with our picnic dinner.  It was 72 here in Whittier yesterday which is very warm for us.  The girls deemed it swimsuit weather...

They were quite happy to have such warm weather...and so was I!

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