Monday, April 22 the hour

Ahhh...that was lovely!  A nice weekend at home.  No running here and there, just hanging out right here, catching up on sleep, playing, and fun!

I did this back in October...and I thought it might be fun to do.  A picture an hour as we go through our day.  I did great...until I put the kids to bed.  Then I guess I just forgot about it!  Oh's what I captured...

8am...breakfast's on!  Random fact...I don't like to drink coffee right when I wake up usually...I know, strange huh?

10am...working on Stacy's dress

11am...hand stitching down the bodice lining of the above dress

noon...kiddos making melty bead suncatchers

1pm...melty bead suncatchers out of the oven

2pm...dishes are clean!

3pm...cutting up spuds for dinner

4pm...removing gathering threads from a birthday dress for a soon-to-be-6 year old

5pm...back at work on the other dress!

6pm...dinner time!  We had these...they were yummy!  Stacy ate 3...I guess turning 6 in a few days is hard work?!?

And that friends, concludes our Sunday!  Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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